About Rie Uno

Hello, I'm Rie.  I have been a therapist since 2009.

I enjoy supporting and witnessing the intelligence of healing power within us.

I originally trained at the esalen institute in California to learn the massage technique, where I felt the sheer joy of giving massage.

It felt like a homecoming somewhere deep inside and I have been enjoying connecting with clients through touch since then.  

As my enthusiasm expanded I also learned Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem, Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapy biodynamics.

I am fully qualified and insured, a member of Manucal Lymphatic Drainage UK

(MLD UK, www.mlduk.org.uk) and Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA,




"Chat in my head gradually ceased and I was in a maditative state beyond 

  relaxation.  I'm more surprised by my boyfriend admitting his spiritual ability

  after a session with you, which I knew but he used to deny. "  


                                                                                       - Aya

"I used to receive massage by my mom who was a massage therapist,

  so I'm spoilt and fussy and I'm impressed Rie's touch reminded me of her."


                                                                                  - Katherine

"Rie is the most marvelous therapeutic massager.  She also has a cheerful 

 and soothing personality that exudes a lightness of being.

                                                                                     - Jane

" Me and my husband began to talk about things more openly after

  we both received your session."  

                                                                                 -  Kay

" During the session, I felt I knew this sensation when I was a child.

   It was sweet."  

                                                                                - Lynn

" I have found Facial Reflexology to be incredibly relaxing and very effective

with regard to the numerous conditions whithin my body many of them chronic.  

During the treatments I was aware that several points were more sensitive than 

others and after the session I was intrigued to learn that they all related to my conditions.  

What I found extraordinary however was throughout the treatments 

the sensitivity lessened for the more chronic conditions and during the last

treatment the most sensitive point coincided with my very very tight calf muscles 

- indeed the points were for the legs.

I felt very safe and cared for during all of the treatments. 

Rie's professional touch and expertise soon had my tension melting away 

and I'm embarrased to say there were several occasions where I actually

snored myself awake unaware that I had acturally dropped off!"  


                                                                                         - Jo