The sound of the waves in the background, Esalen massage has been developed at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California which is the educational community dedicated to explore

the “far reaches of human potentiality”.

Esalen massage is art of touch that is a marriage between classical Swedish massage and the profound sensing work by Charlotte Selver’s “sensory awareness”

In flowing style working with muscles

and circulatory system,  it is an integration of :



Quality of touch        Long, lengthening strokes       

Gentle rocking and stretching        

Passive joint movemen     Deep tissue approach        

Gentle cranial balancing       Accupressure

It helps relieving muscle pain, increasing body awareness, or bringing equilibrium to

a life in crisis.  Tangible out comes are experienced in the active stimulation of skin, lymph and blood, relaxation of muscles and nervous system, release of metabolic waste, stretching of connective tissues and a tranquilizing effect throughout the parasympathetic nervous system. 


The ocean provides a slow-moving rhythm akin to the internal rhythms of the body. 

The practitioner’s hands are listening, attending to breath, allowing the receiver to drop inward. The long, slow wave-like strokes open the tissues, nudge bound-up muscles with the warm of touch.  The contact deepens while inviting awareness.    


Esalen massage is touching with purpose led by intuition and every session is individual. 

The meditation of receiving touch is part of richness which invite you firmly in touch with yourself.

 “Tegocoro" means listening hands with a heart in Japanese.

Happy to help restoring your balance and wellbing since 2009. 

Please refer menu for therapies,

I can also offer to integrate some therapies suitable for your needs.


Session fee  £55  (1hr) / £75 (90min)  

Session room

 Kataoka JNEI Therapy @ 9 Spring Bridge Mews, Spring Bridge Road, Ealing W5 2AB

W3 Holistic @ 65D Churchfield Rd, Acton, W3 6AX

Home visit available for female clients.  Male clients by referral only.

Booking  mobile : 07760 457 217 / email :

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