Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem (FRS) is based on ancient facial maps from traditions in China / Vietnam / Japan and indigenous tribes of South America, combined with the study of modern neurology and central nervous system.

Designed over the past 30 years by Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen, FRS integrates acupressure and deep massage based on reflexology using a selection of up to 11 different steps according to your symptoms.  

There is a brain behind the face.  The stimulation on the face communicates closely to central nervous system.



FRS uses fingers with natural blended facial oil by Chidoriya, Japan.

You will feel relaxed as if you had a whole body massage.  Another pleasant bonus is improved skin tone !

Press/publicity about FRS → http://www.facialreflexology.com/press-publicity.asp



Step1 – 7 are essential for all + additional steps according to individual symptoms.


Step 1. Neuro vascular / Acupuressure points

Step 2. South American map


Step 3. Yin/Yang points


Step 4. Motor/Sensory nerve system


Step 5. Physical map of the body


Step 6. Lymphatic System


Step 7. Re-linking


Step 8 and more according to your symptom