Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a different method of Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem.

It is a great way for natural face lift to re-educate the facial muscles and improving the skin tone,

based on Japanese lifting technique and reflex points to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Most clients see the difference with only one session, they are also impressed how relaxing it is.

If you want very best/sustaining result or for special occasion like wedding, 3 times a week for 12 sessions recommended.

The techniques used : 

Japanese "Zogan" massage

Vodder's lymphatic drainage

The oriental medicine using reflex points related to the meridians

Reflex zones on the face from South American/Vietnamese method

This lifting acts in the body and the face from inside, stimulating and balancing all organs and hormones. 

( ex. overy to help producint collagen production )

Face is a window to our socially and carries lots of tension & stress.

As the faceial muscles relax, muscles of the body relax, too!

The session includes :


Cleansing with exclusive organic skin care product, “Eminence”.


Lifting massage & lymphatic drainage using natural blended facial oil from “Chidoriya”, kyoto, Japan.


Balancing & Toning with Spanish salt balls which is rich in minerals.

Neck & shoulders massage.






                              before 1st session                                   after 1st session                                             


                                                                                          cheek lines sharper

                                                                                          smaller eye bags

                                                                                          less laugh lines 

                                                                                          tighter and brighter tone with rosy cheeks

                                                                                          bigger & clearer eyes